Strategic Marketing Management in Digital World

To create marketing strategy in a new digital world, one needs to master three skills: Analytics – An understanding of new age tools to analyze the data so that we can view the customer preferences.

Customer Experience – Once we understand the customer preferences, we need to customize the experience of the customer so they feel they are part of the brand journey.

Customer Centric Strategy – The key to success would be the ability to use insight to create a customer centric strategy and use the technology from product or service to engage.

Digital technology has disrupted our daily lives and now help consumers decide what to shop and where to shop. Leaders today must not only understand technology but also be able to create a strategy which is digital focused. This course will enable you with the tools and insights to create customer delight using technology. Participant shall see an opportunity that a digital disruption creates and how your customer’s perspectives can be changed. Finally the programme will make the participant an effective leader with the ability to create an innovative and cutting edge marketing strategy in the new age.


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Programme Objective

The General Management Programme for Executives is designed to help Executives / business managers transform into multi-skilled business leaders. The programme is designed to ensure participants formally learn frameworks and best practices in the areas of leadership, negotiations, communication, strategy, finance, digital marketing, operations, HR and Entrepreneurship. The programme is a judicious mix of lectures, group discussion, presentations, and simulations. The programme will be delivered on 2 - days (Fri-Sat) every month on pre-announced dates in Dubai, U.A. E / online with the last module (6 days) of the programme being delivered at the IIM Indore Campus, India.

Key Aspects

  • Programme Obejectives

    • Create & Deliver Customer Value
    • Gain Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Create & Monitor content to Increase Customer Engagement
    • Build Concepts to Implement & Execute a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Identity & Utilize Key Resources
  • Who should attend?

    • Executives & Professionals
    • Manager & Fuctional Heads
    • Entrepreneurs & Startup Leaders
  • Program Design

    • 2-4 days a month (Weekends)
    • Blended sessions combining:
      1. Face to Face sessions in Dubai
      2. Face to Face sessions in IIM Indore Campus
      3. Online Sessions
      4. Workshops in Dubai
  • Pedagogy

    • Real Life Case Studies
    • Business Simulations
    • Lecture
    • Group Discussions & Presentations


Certification & Alumni Status

On successful completion of the programme, the participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of Strategic Marketing Management Programme in Digital World for Executives and will be eligible for Executive Alumni Status of the Institute:
Business Environment Business Environment

Alumni Benefits

  • Official email ID of the institute
  • Access to the IIM Indore Campus Library (onsite access)
  • Communication of brochures and newsletters from IIM Indore
  • Alumni Identity card
  • Lifelong access to a network of distinguished IIM Indore Executive Alumni


Core Curriculum

The programme is divided into several interdependent modules, each of which focuses on a different aspect or function of marketing management for Driving Digital Marketing Strategy.

    • Digital Landscape

      • The Technology Landscape
      • Business Models
      • Transformationsa of the Existing Business
    • Managing B2B in the Digital World

      • Difference between B2B & B2C
      • Creating a B2B Marketing Plan
      • Using social media in B2B
      • Acquiring and rentention of B2B Customers
    • Search Engine (SEO, SEM, Mobile & Email)

      • Evaluate the range of options for traffic building
      • Develop a plan to balance the opportunities for traffic building
      • Identigy success factors for different online communications tools
      • Review options for achieving positive representation on third party sites
    • Online consumer behavior

      • Understand Customers
      • Consumer buing cycle
      • Mapping consumer journey maps
      • Overcome the issues and concerns
    • Digital Marketing Mix

      • Understand the online implications of each element of the marketing mix
      • Extend each aspect of the ofline mix into the online world
      • Introducing partnerships as the marketing mix
      • Being to plan each ele,ent of the mix in an integrated online world.
    • Implementing Digital Strategy

      • Strategic Leadership and Digital Transformation
      • Understand the importance of excellence in execution (and the need for internal marketing)
      • Control, monitor, measure, report and adjust
    • Segmentation Targeting & Positioning

      • Challenges of traditional STP
      • Targeting Customers & Inbound Marketing
      • Devloping Consumer Persona
    • Social Media Marketing

      • Understanding the role of Social Media
      • Managing relationship, establishing brand reputation & creating strategies for customer to customer interaction through brand communities
      • User-generated content, World of Mouth and social stretegies
      • Managing brand in the crisis
    • E-CRM

      • Understanding the importance and usage of CRM
      • Calcualting CLV
      • Role of the digital funnel, CPM, CPC, CPA, CLV, CLSV & other materices
    • Managing Digital Brands

      • The Nature and Management of Brand Equity
      • Managing Brand Equity Online
      • Managing Brands to Grow International Markets
      • Reinforcing the brand value to retain brand resonance
    • Digital Data (Analytics) & Measurement

      • Advertisement effectiveness matrix
      • Forecasting methods
      • Network
      • Text mining
    • Case Study Analysis

      • Case study Analysis is a core requisite of the programme
      • The participants in Groups would analyze, discuss & delibrate on the case studies using a structure approach.
      • The Group is expected to identigy & define the Management Problem, devlop & evaluate the course of action, choose the best alternative and organize resources to implement the chosen alternative.
      • Each Group would then present its findings in the form of a presentation or simulation or role play.

Programme Pedagogy

Real Life Case Studies

  • Participants will learn via real - world case studies enhancing their problem - solving techniques and decision - making abilities. Few of the case studies that we use are as follows
  • Amazon in 2019

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

     Using Digital and Social Media for Brand Storytelling

  • American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now

  • Sephora Direct: Investing in Social Media, Video & Mobile

  • HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0

  • Digital Marketing (Recorded)

  • Marketing Stimulation

Businesss Simulations

  • Supply Chain Simulation
  • Strategy Simulation
  • Marketing Simulation
  • Leadership Simulation


  • Case study analysis
  • Introduction to finance
  • Group Case presentations


Program Details

  • : 5 Months

  • : January 2021 to May 2021 

  • : 10:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • : Online (Every 3 Weeks)

  • : Executives, Managers, Entrepreneurs

  • : December 30, 2020

Selection Criteria

  • As the seats are limited therefore criteria for selection for the programme will be:

Programme fee

  • Fee includes Tuition,Course Material and Certification. Inclusions (The fee is inclusive of all taxes.)
    • Full payment : AED 11,750 (Full Fee to be paid within 5 days of confirmation)

    • Installments : AED 12,750 (PDCs need to be submitted within 5 days of confirmation)

      • AED 5,200 (within 5 days of confirmation)
      • AED 2,500 (monthly payments paid every month for 3 months) (5 monthly payments paid on 5th day of the month)
      *Applicable taxes (5% VAT) Extra



  • : Registrations received with payments on or before early bird deadline will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%. Check with Anisuma Registration Office for more details.

  • : Group of 3 or more participants will be entitled to a discount of 12%. Organisations can avail themselves of both the discounts subject to a maximum overall discount of 15%.


  • After payment of the fees, if the participant withdraws from the programme, the fee will be treated as non-refundable.
  • After payment of the fees, in case a participant can not attend the programme due to unavoidable circumstances, at the discretion of the institute the fees paid will be treated as a credit amount against the participant for a period of next 12 months to re-join the programme. Failure to do so will result in fees to be treated as forfeited.
  • All payments are accepted in United Arab Emirates currency of Dirhams (AED).
  • VAT invoice will be issued by Anisuma Training Institute, Dubai, only after receiving the full amount due from the participant at the time of payment.


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