Advanced Management Programme For Senior Leaders

Programme Overview

Today’s world is changing at an unprecedented rate and as per Joseph Schumpeter’s theory of “creative destruction”, business cycles operate under continuous flux and need innovations to drive growth.
Solving complex problems, examining internal and external factors affecting organizations, devising strategy for maintaining bottom line are just a few critical areas that make or break today’s businesses. Organizations require business leaders who are flexible, adaptable and capable of leading high-performance teams, focusing on company sustainability and most importantly leading the change to be successful.
The Advanced Management Program (AMP) is meant to assist senior executives become more perceptive and influential leaders who can help their organizations gain a competitive edge. It familiarize you to the most recent trends, ideas and concepts that are influencing global business.

Programme Objectives


Become a transformational leader

Develop an overarching strategy through innovation

Enhance competitive advantage

Drive Organizational changes

Create value for all stakeholders

Who Should Attend?


AMP for ambitious senior management professionals who want to advance into general management cadre and have a desire to stay ahead of the competition.

AMP is best suited for corporate executives who want to acquire high level of strategic, high-performance, and self-aware leadership skills in order to make a personal and professional impact.

An Ideal Candidate Is The One Who

holds leadership positions – including business heads and senior functional heads.

hold C-suite level positions at mid-size or family businesses.

is an Entrepreneur.

has at least 15 years of work experience, including minimum 5 years or more as a senior executive.

Programme Modules

Face to Face Sessions in Dubai – 09 Days

The advanced module will teach learners how to solve difficult problems, get a better grasp of macro trends from an outside-in viewpoint, build, and execute strategies, and use frameworks as a toolbox.

Participants are required to devote about extra 8-10 hours each month for reading the module content, preparing the case studies, and participating in virtual group discussions.

Campus Immersion at IIM Indore - 06 Days

The campus module will help participants to synthesize the learnings along with the evaluation using highly integrated modules over a period of six days immersion program, on IIM Indore campus.

  • Group discussions / Case study analysis
  • Capstone Project Presentation

Course Curriculum

  • Understanding Customer Experience: Creating Winning Touchpoints
  • Customer Portfolio Management and Customer Profitability
  • Excellence in Service Delivery and Management
  • Elements of International Marketing
  • Excellence in Global Branding
  • Creating a Customer Experience Programme to Succeed
  • International Negotiation
  • Power in Negotiations
  • Complexity in Negotiations
  • 9 Party Negotiation
  • Competition and Collaboration
  • Managing Networks
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Managing Culture
  • Managing Organizational Transformation
  • Managing change and influencing others
  • Logical Thinking Process Basics
  • Resolving conflicts and dilemmas
  • Building a Current Reality Tree
  • Holistic Problem Solving
  • Throughput Accounting for Decision Making
  • TOC solution for Manufacturing, Supply Chains, Sales and Marketing, Managing Projects
  • Understanding two-sided markets like Uber and eBay
  • Why digital world is different.
  • What VUCA is?
  • Surviving and Thriving in a VUCA world
  • Who is a great “Leader”?
  • Leadership – The Decision Dilemma
  • Understanding and Managing Others
  • Goal Setting and Visioning for better performance
  • Measuring and Managing Performance Effectively
  • Investment Analysis : Project Cash Flows and Decision Metrics
  • Project Cash Flows and Decision Metrics: Case Discussion
  • Interaction of Corporate Investment and Financing Decision
  • Cross-border Acquisitions
  • M&A due diligence and deal structuring
  • Post-merger Integration + Role of integration Managers + Change Management
  • OLI model + Uppsala model of internationalization
  • Motives of Internationalization+Challenges in FDI
  • Platform Strategy
  • Idea, Opportunity, and You
  • It’s time to Start Up: Validating and Testing Business Ideas
  • Resource Mobilization and Launching the Venture
  • Career Dilemma, Choice vs. Chance

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Alumni Benefits & Profiles


Alumni Benefits

To be eligible for the alumni status and alumni identity card, each participant will apply and pay, a one-time nominal alumni fees, directly to the institute

Alumni Profile

The programme creates a rich learning experience to all the participants as they are seasoned professionals with diverse academic background and posses experience across multiple business disciplines

Distinguished Faculty for the Programme

IIM Indore has 104 well-qualified internal faculty who are supplemented by adjunct faculty members with significant industry or domain knowledge. IIM Indore’s participant-centered approach to management education has resulted in the deputation of 25 IIM Indore faculty members to Harvard Business School’s Participant-Centered Learning Program.
A diverse team of IIM Indore faculty members, all of whom are seasoned academicians with substantial research and corporate experience, will lead AMP. These faculty members have taught business executives all around the world through executive training and corporate consultancy.
0+ Research Papers Published
0+ Books Published
0+ Case Studies Published
0+ Teaching Hours
0+ Industry Connect Hours
0+ Executives Trained since 1996

Prof. Himanshu Rai

Faculty- Negotiation

Prof. Harshal Lowalekar

Faculty – Operations

Prof. Ganesh Kumar

Faculty – Economics

Prof. Manish Popli

Faculty – Strategy

Prof. Radha Ladkani

Faculty – Finance

Programme Pedagogy

Case Study Pedagogy

The case study method dives into complicated business issues faced by top executives. A case study is a decision problem that the learner needs to solve as a chief decision-maker with aid of peer group brainstorming, viewpoints and counterpoints. Through conversations with the faculty and peer group, the case study approach aids in the development of knowledge and skill sets.

Executive Peer Group Interactions

AMP allows you to engage and share ideas with a group of peers outside your organization. During the program, you will work with a smaller group to:

  • Gain new insights from executives who span industries and countries.
  • Exchange different perspectives during the case study discussions
  • Present your findings and choices on the case study issues in a group setting.
  • Receive constructive feedback from peers.
Business Simulations

Business simulations are a realistic, relevant, and engaging way to learn. A simulation provides hands-on experience to a participant playing variety of roles that helps them make complicated business decisions. Participants take on role-play as entrepreneurs, investors, and potential workers dealing with the challenges of negotiating agreements, determining the proper personnel balance, forming connections, and making key early choices that impact long-term success.

Learning Between Sessions

Between in-class sessions, you will have the chance to put what you have learned into practice at work. You will also get the chance to reflect on your job and offer new perspective to your company.

Our Alumni from Leading Organizations


Registration Process & Fees

Programme Duration : 6 Months
Sessions (Details) : 9 days Face to Face classroom sessions in Dubai (U.A.E) 9:30am to 5:30pm
6 days Face to Face classroom sessions at IIM Indore 10.00 am to 5.00pm
Leadership Level : C-Suite level Position, Business Heads, Senior Functional Heads & Entrepreneurs

As the seats for the Program are limited, the criteria for selection will be strictly prioritized on:

⚬ Academic background   ⚬ Professional experience

Last Date to Submit Application : February 29, 2024
Enrollment Confirmation to Applicants : March 03, 2024
Programme Fee Payment : Within 5 days of confirmation
Inauguration and Session begin : March/April 2024
Fee Includes:
Dubai Sessions : Tuition, Course Material, Lunch and Refreshments.
Indore Sessions : Stay at IIM Indore Campus with all meals & refreshments for 6 days Application taxes (5% Vat) extra.
Full payment : AED 28,000 (Full Fee to be paid within 5 days of confirmation)
Installments : AED 29,500 (PDCs need to be submitted within 5 days of confirmation)
AED 8,500 (within 5 days of confirmation)
AED 4,500 (monthly payments paid every month for 5 months)
*Early Bird Discount : Registrations received with payments on or before early bird deadline will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%. Check with Registration Office for more details.

Participant Testimonials


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