IIM INDORE - General Management Programme

Period: 8 Months

IIM INDORE - General Management Programme for Executives

  • Industry: Management
  • Institute: Indian Institute of Management – Indore(India)
  • Period: Aug, 2021 - Apr, 2022
  • Leadership Level: Middle to Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs


The General Management Programme for Executive, a flagship executive programme designed and delivered by IIM Indore in association with Anisuma Training Institute, is a 9 month comprehensive programme. The programme is uniquely designed to inculcate strong conceptual frameworks in Business and Management Skills by judiciously mixing classroom contact with group discussions and networking with practical frameworks which can be applied at the workplace. The programme will be delivered on 2 days (Fri-Sat) every month on pre-announced dates in Dubai, UAE with the last module (5 days) of the programme being delivered at the IIM Indore Campus, India.

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IIM INDORE - Strategic Financial Management Programme for Executives

Period: 4 Months

IIM Indore - Strategic Financial Management Programme for Executives

  • Industry:
  • Institute: Indian Institute of Management – Indore(India)
  • Period: Aug, 2021 - Dec, 2021
  • Leadership Level: Management

Finance has been taking centre-stage status over the last five to ten years. What was earlier considered as a discipline too technical and esoteric to merit attention of non-finance professionals is today increasingly being embraced by professionals from fields as diverse as manufacturing, marketing, and human resources. What has led to this heightened awareness of the need to understand finance? On the one hand intense competition in product markets has forced firms to think beyond top-line revenue maximization. On the other hand, highly liquid and competitive markets for funds have forced firms to focus on providing maximum value to the providers of that scarce commodity- capital. Firms are naturally forced to think in terms of justifying their every action in clearly defined financial terms. Today, managerial performance assessment is more closely aligned to the objectives of maximization of the wealth of capital-providers than ever before. EVA, value-based management and such other terms are today part of the ordinary vocabulary of manager.

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Academy of Human Resources Development - PhD

Period: 37 Months


  • Industry:
  • Institute: Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
  • Period: Jul, 2021 - Aug, 2024
  • Leadership Level: Middle to Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs

Strategic decisions in learning organizations can no longer be based on hunches or gut feel-ings, but should rely on scientific analysis of data, that the organizations generate. Data related to core competencies, past organizational performance, employee skills and competen-cies could be crucial in formulating effective strategies for corporate plans, including diversification and expansion. If organizational experiences are systematically researched and analyzed, this can aid in facilitating organizational change processes viz. restructuring, right-sizing, process improvement, etc. Internal research, process analysis, and audit by the HRD Department are essential for validating and evaluating the effectiveness of HRD policies, systems and interventions.

With organizations applying various methods and policies it is important to identify key research needs of the organizations for strategic planning and decision making. It is also  for  the organization to evaluate HRD & OD interventions for effective change management processes. Human resource has changed the way they work and to initiate  should provide guidance to research—and related activities in organization. Therefore  a program is needed to guide and implement the activities into a research based document. AHRD’s fellow program’s objective is not only to provide guidance in the research areas but also to offer internal as well as external consulting and counseling for initiating and managing change process.

In response to this need of Indian organizations, the Academy of Human Resources Development has designed the Fellow and Associate Programs in Human Resources, Organizational Development & Management, for preparing practicing managers and academicians to not on-ly undertake the role of researcher-analysts and facilitators of change management processes in organizations, but also to enable them to take up research and use it as a tool for better performance.




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