Admission criteria of each programme of Anisuma training institute are established by the partner institution that certifies the programme. Online applications are available on the website's programme page.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Admission requirements of each programme of Anisuma are established by the partner institution that certifies the programme. To ensure a rich learning experience for participants, admission to programmes is based on organizational responsibility and professional achievement and is selective.  For each programme, partner institutions carefully select a cross-section of participants who have diverse backgrounds and experiences. This approach enables participants to enhance their management learning through the experience of their peers.

For most programmes, the admissions process takes one week to process.

Approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of the programme, you will receive a detailed schedule. Reading material (including Case readings, Case Studies, and Group Assignments) for a scheduled programme class shall be received by participants, 2 weeks before the date of the scheduled class.

We encourage you to re-apply in the future as criteria might change depending on the class mix

Residents of the GCC, who hold a valid resident visa of a country of domicile, can obtain a visit visa on entry into the UAE. For the visit to partner institutions in India please check on visa requirements in the Indian Embassy website in your country. Anisuma will assist in the visa formalities but will not take responsibility for obtaining visas.

Learning Pedagogy

A judicious mix of the following: Case studies from leading International Schools, lectures, exercises, role play & group presentations

Most classes have between 20 and 35 participants.

On average, a participant should spend 15hours for each day of classroom session i.e. approx. 30 hours of total prepartion in a month

Anisuma organizes the programs in third-party facilities ideally a 4-star hotel conference rooms. Location are subject to change.


The program fee includes tuition, all study materials, books, snacks and lunch during the contact sessions. The program also includes cost of Institute Campus stay and food for 5 days. The fees does not include the travel and incidental costs for sessions in the partner institutions in India. Anisuma work with the partner institutions to make arrangements for board and lodging.

Payment is due before the start of the programs. However, if a payment schedule in installments or a deferred payment schedule is requested, and accepted, advance payment and post-dated cheques will need to be deposited before the start of the program.

Payment can be made by cheques, electronic bank wire transfer, or cash. Cheques will be made payable to Anisuma Training Institute.

Cancellations or deferrals must be submitted more than 21 days before the program start date to receive a full refund. Due to preprogram preparation, cancellations or deferrals received less than 21 days before the program start date are best deferred for a subsequent program or another Anisuma program. Otherwise a 20% of the program fee as cancellation fee will be applicable. Fees for the program will not be refunded for cancellations made after start of program


Anisuma Training instiute is partnered with IIML and IIML shall offer certification of completion of the program

Most programs are offered once a year.

Yes Anisuma becomes the link between businesses and organizations and partner institutions to create and deliver customized learning experiences that create competitive advantage for leading global corporations. Contact Anisuma for details.


Participants must be covered individually with comprehensive health insurance for major medical emergencies and/or hospitalization. Anisuma conducts its programs in third-party facilities and will not be liable for any medical fees or any other costs that are incurred or that may be presumed to have incurred during a seminar and participant's stay in partner institutions.

It is important to note that Anisuma conducts programs in third-party facilities and in campuses of partner institutions. Participants are urged to take all possible steps to safeguard themselves and their property. Anisuma is not responsible for any loss of personal property during the seminars and participant's stay in partner institutions.

Yes. Many MBAs find the programs to be a natural extension of their education. Anisuma conducted programs are based on the latest case studies and theories, and the most current information. Programs are designed for senior executives interested in expanding their knowledge in key business areas.