IIM INDORE - Strategic Financial Management Programme for Executives

IIM INDORE - Strategic Financial Management Programme for Executives

Finance has been taking centre-stage status over the last five to ten years. What was earlier considered as a discipline too technical and esoteric to merit attention of non-finance professionals is today increasingly being embraced by professionals from fields as diverse as manufacturing, marketing, and human resources. What has led to this heightened awareness of the need to understand finance? On the one hand intense competition in product markets has forced firms to think beyond top-line revenue maximization. On the other hand, highly liquid and competitive markets for funds have forced firms to focus on providing maximum value to the providers of that scarce commodity- capital. Firms are naturally forced to think in terms of justifying their every action in clearly defined financial terms. Today, managerial performance assessment is more closely aligned to the objectives of maximization of the wealth of capital-providers than ever before. EVA, value-based management and such other terms are today part of the ordinary vocabulary of manager.


The programme seeks to equip the non-finance professional with the basic set of tools and techniques from the finance discipline.

Mid to senior-level executives in General Management, Corporate Planning, Marketing and Sales, Banking and Insurance or other Functional Areas.

Top-level executives who desire to be comfortable with reading financial statements and other financial information, and making financially based decisions.

The programme assist managers to be able to gain an insight into the exciting world of the management of the finances of a company.

The Programme progressively builds up concepts and aids the participant in applying financial concepts to decision situations from various non-finance functions.

The programme is wrapped up by looking at ways to link managerial performance assessment with the goal of wealth maximization for the providers of capital.

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